Rexel Ibico 1231X Professional Print Calculator White Blue YVMZNUNXO

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Highly visible 12-digit two colour displayCurrency conversion with 13 memory keysEasy to use profit margin calculationPrinting/non-printing modeErgonomic and professionally designed keyboard

The Ibico range from Rexel provide professional users with a range of print calculators to assist users clearly and calculate all possible financial scenarios creating a clear and beneficial advantage in your working life. The 1231X is ideal for professionals in all commercial roles who have to use the calculator as a vital element in their daily role.

This Rexel Ibico professional print calculator has a specific range with specific functions tailored to meet all your financially calculated requirements. The ideally visible 12-digit LCD two colour display allows for crystal clear visualisation at all times. The Ibico 1231X really sets the standard for professional print calculators. It is capable of providing fast printing in both black and red at 3.5 lines per second. The easy to use and distinct design with its ergonomically engineered clearly positioned keyboard allows for efficient and productive use at all times. It has both printing/non-printing mode making it versatile. It features functions for both corporate and VAT tax making it ideal for professionals working in tax departments. The Ibico calculator features grand total, subtotal subtraction, currency conversion with 13 memory keys, easy to use profit margin calculation, programmable to double zero and also triple zero functions. Lastly it has the ability to calculate percentage differences, rounding up and down and gross profit margins. This calculators dimensions are as follows - 300 x 230 x 75 mm. For one of the most distinct, efficient and professional print calculators in the market today the Rexel Ibico 1231X is more than capable of dealing with all your financial and calculative needs in a affordable solution.

Rexel Ibico 1231X Professional Print Calculator White Blue YVMZNUNXO

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