1000W 240V pure sine wave AC power inverter for 24V battery CKEEWNRGL

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Get 240V AC mains electricity for your appliances anywhere - just use your 24V battery / battery bankPure sine wave output - similar to electricity supplied by utility companies and ideal for your appliancesOverload, short circuit, overheating and other protection functionsBuilt-in USB port to charge mobile phones and power USB-compatible devicesLow battery alarm and automatic shut down to prevent over-discharging ... Scroll down to Product Description for more details

1000W pure sine wave off-grid power inverter to power 240V household appliances from 24V battery or battery bank - ideal for areas without access to mains electricity, such as farms, barns, sheds, as well as camping, motorhomes, caravans or boats.

This inverter converts 24V battery power (DC, or direct current) into 240V mains output required for domestic appliances (AC, or alternating current). It generates pure sine wave electricity - identical to electricity supplied by utility companies to households. Pure sine wave output is better than modified or square sine wave because it increases the efficiency of inverter and makes it suitable for a broader range of appliances.

This inverter can be used to power any 240V appliances with the total continuous power consumption up to 1000W and up to 2000W of power at peak times.

Installation is very easy: just connect the inverter to your 24V battery or battery bank using + and - cables supplied with the unit, plug your appliances into the mains power sockets, and turn the power switch on (an adapter can be used for more sockets, as long as the total power consumption is within 1000W).

In addition, the inverter has a standard USB port which can be used for charging mobile phones or powering USB-compatible devices.

Inverter specifications:

- Continuous power: 1000W
- Surge power: 2000W
- Input: 24V (20-30V) DC
- Output: 230V AC
- Output frequency: 50 Hz
- Output waveform: pure sine wave
- THD: < 4%
- Peak efficiency: 90%
- Low battery shut down: 20.0V +/- 1.0V DC
- Low battery alarm: 21.0V +/- 1.0V DC
- High voltage shut down: 31.0V +/- 1.0V DC
- Size: 32x16x8 cm
- Weight: 2.7 kg

The product comes with a user manual which explains connections and operations.

Please do not hesitate to contact Photonic Universe if you have any questions or need our free advice about this product.

1000W 240V pure sine wave AC power inverter for 24V battery CKEEWNRGL

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